Raukawa Miniature Hereford Genetics

About Us

We have been going since 2007 and were registered in 2008 “New Zealand Herefords Association and Miniature Hereford breeders group”. We run 20 miniature Hereford cows plus replacements consisting of 6-10 heifers and the rest are sold.

Herefords of Raukawa are aiming to supply the meat market, thanks to there bulky compact nature and excellent feed conversation ratio’s, they have a higher yield.

Address 420 Raukawa Rd, RD4 Hastings

Phone (06) 879 5942

Email john@raukawaherefords.co.nz

Commercial Advantages

» Exotic market
Because there are so few Miniature cattle in the world they will have appeal to the collectors of exotic animals. This market is growing as more people purchase acerage to create their own little haven, and keep more unusual animals.

» Stud Stock market
Over the next few years there will be demand for Miniature Cattle for breeding programs as people build up good quality bloodstock.

» Commercial carcass meat market
  • Niche market to resaurants and hotels who require high quality product.
  • Whole carcass to family freezer.
  • Up-market butcheries and delicatessens.

» Commercial Dairy and Beef farmers
There is an increasing demand from dairy and beef farmers for smaller bulls for use over their heifers.

Raukawa, Hawkes Bay - New Zealand