» About the Raukawa Farm

We are situated on a 35h property in Raukawa Hawkes Bay, we run both sheep and miniature Herefords at 75/25 stock uniys. We have been going since 2007 and were registered in 2008 New Zealand Herefords Association and Miniature Hereford breeders group. We run 20 miniature Hereford cows plus replacements consisting of 6-10 heifers and the rest are sold.

Herefords of Raukawa are aiming to supply the meat market, thanks to there bulky compact nature and excellent feed conversation ratio’s, they have a higher yield. 5 steers and bulls have been sold to Silver Fern Farms, which weighed 58 - 60% of live weight. Using a miniature bull over dairy heifers produces easy calving and white face progeny that fetch a premium price at sale yards.

Mithril Wiltshires

Polled Wiltshires bred for low maintenance/easycare. Suited to lifestyle blocks.

Budge & Niki
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